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 Want to Get Involved?

When it comes to supporting your local regional association size really DOES matter!

As a volunteer driven association we understand that your time is precious, and we appreciate any time you're willing to give. So with that in mind we've created this chart as a reference for the amount of time each level of commitment is for your volunteerism. 

Once you've determined your size CLICK HERE to fill out a brief survey outlining your talents! 


  • Position on the Board of Directors
  • Committee Chair Person or Co-Chair
This is the highest level of volunteerism and can take more than 5 hours per month. Board members and Chair Persons are the back bone of the association. They are expected to be on at least one (1hr) board planning call per month, attend the GCPPA annual board planning meeting, attend/volunteer GCPPA when available, and abide by the GCPPA Bylaws and Board Conduct.


  • Professional Development (Education) Committee Member
  • Membership Development Committee Member
  • FLIPP (Young Professionals) Committee Member
  • GCPPA Gives Back (Community Service) Committee Member
This level of volunteerism can take 3 to 5 hours per month. Committee members are expected attend planning committee calls/meetings, attend committee events, and otherwise assist with committee efforts.


  • Help with registration at an event
  • Be a greeter at an event
  • Make scripted calls for event marketing efforts
  • Make scripted calls for membership retention & recruiting efforts
  • Be mentor to a new member
  • Help at a community service event through the GCPPA Gives Back program

This level of volunteerism is per instance work. Time spent can vary greatly from instance to instance, but usually no more than 1 or 2 hours per month. 

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