Why Get Involved in Your Regional Association?

  • Apr 6, 2017

 There are twenty-seven regional associations in the US and Puerto Rico committed to professionals in the promotional products and promotional marketing industry.  

Like GCPPA, these associations are independent nonprofits, ranging in size from 100 to nearly 1,000 companies. Thanks to RAC, here are important benefits of being a member – and getting involved!

1.  Key contacts in your own backyard.
Distributors often don’t realize how many suppliers are in their own backyard. Participate with your regional association and make these new contacts.

2.  Benefits that save you time and money.
Regional associations offer a robust list of value-added services and benefits like CAS/MAS-approved education sessions, coupon books, shipping discounts, social outings, member newsletters and much more.

3.  Low cost/high ROI.
The cost to join is so affordable, often less than $100 per year, per company; however, the rate of return for meeting one new customer, or generating one new idea is highly valuable.

4.  Networking and peer support.
By making new contacts in your own community, you tap into a great pool for sharing ideas and industry knowledge.

5.  Membership lends credibility and professionalism.
Alignment with your regional association positions you as a professional in your area.

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We appreciate your support and value your talent. The amount of time you invest is up to you, and the rewards are good for business. So, what size are you? Get involved, or email us for more information.