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Regional Association Council

What is the Regional Association Council (RAC)
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The Regional Association Council (RAC) is a board of directors comprised of promotional products professionals from each of the 5 promotional product districts. These 5 districts represent all 27 regional promotional products associations. RAC's ongoing goal is to foster communication and cooperation between the regional association community members and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). 

Mission Statement: The mission of the Regional Association Council is to enhance the success of the regional associations through Representation, Advocacy, and Communication

Vision Statement: To be the indispensable industry resource for growth, innovation, and information for regional associations.

About RAC

RAC is comprised of dues-paying members (regional associations), as outlined in the Bylaws. All member associations appoint a RAC Delegate to represent their regional association at District Meetings and the RAC Delegate Assembly.

The affairs of the organization are managed by the RAC Board of Directors which is comprised of 11 members representative of the regional association community. RAC Board elections occur every Fall. Individuals serving as a regional association President, VP / Incoming President, Immediate Past President, or an incoming RAC Delegate are eligible to run for vacancies in their respective district. Contact Dana Geiger to inquire about this process.

Requirements to be a Regional Affiliate (AKA member) of RAC:

  • Accept and abide by RAC's Mission Statement, Bylaws and Policies and Procedures and adopt Bylaws satisfactory to the RAC Board of Directors
  • Pay yearly dues (currently $1,500) by the due date
  • Be incorporated and officially recognized as a tax-exempt non-profit by its state and the IRS
  • Have as regional members companies and/or individuals who conduct business in the promotional products industry
  • Agree to send its RAC Delegate to the RAC Delegate Assembly

Click HERE for the list of benefits available to RAC Regional Affiliates.

Click HERE to see the 27 regional affiliates on a map of the US.

Click HERE to visit the RAC informational page on the PPAI website which includes the current board of directors. 

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